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Monday, September 20, 2021

Veto Spoiler Post

Hey guys & gals! Happy Monday! Like I said a week or so ago, I'm refocusing on work and BB23 has taken a (huge) backseat. Ironically, that's not why I didn't post the Veto Spoiler. I honestly just forgot. I posted the results on Twitter, was gonna make a post on here, and then my weekend began and I just literally forgot.


Winner of the Veto is:

So, where does this leave things? Well, Kyland is actually getting evicted. This means that we'll have Azah/Derek F./Xavier as this years Final 3. (One of the worst F3's I can remember, if I'm being honest.) I can't even begin to try to imagine what Azah or Derek F. would tell the jury on why they should win BB23. They haven't done sh*t all season long! lol Derek F. is literally a piece of furniture, and Azah has been doing nothing but complaining (like DF) all season long and trying to cuddle with a very-not-interested Xavier. They should've been cut like 10 weeks ago, but here we are. 

If Xavier doesn't win this season, it'll be a tragedy.

The only vote this week is Derek F. and he's going to evict Kyland, or at least that's the plan as of now. He tried to wuss out by saying he would fake cry coming out the Diary Room after his vote, but he was reminded that because he's the sole vote this week, he'll be doing it live in front of everyone. So now he's freaking out because he doesn't want to look bad in front of the jury. (*I can't take this guy anymore.) 

This Thursday will be my last BB post of the season. I'll be live-blogging and then I'm outta here! So meet me back here on Thursday with your snackies and beverage(s) of choice and we'll watch the show together. See y'all then!!


  1. The whole season has been a clown show. Worst season in history and I’ve seen all of them. The head of CBS is destroying reality TV.

    1. Worst season in history?? Did you not watch the last couple of trainwrecks?

  2. Well it was gonna be X or KY. Xavier did a good job this season. He was a great competitor and was strategic during final 6 to cement his win. He deserves to win after kyland used the veto on him. Lol. Kyland gave X $750k w/ that move. It could've been ky and Derek f in F2. W/ what is left I'm glad Xavier will be this years winner since Tiff and Hannah didn't make it.

  3. I'm praying Azah or DF win F3 HOH. Only way they could win is against each other. The worst F2 in BB history would be the only way to end what is, IMO, thr worst season of BB ever.

    1. That would be the best ending to this sh!t show of a season

  4. It would be pretty comical if it was a Derek/Azah F2.
    How do you choose who to vote for? Lol

  5. yep - a pretty lousy group at the end


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