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Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday: HOH Spoiler

Good morning, BB addicts! We now know who the HOH is and it's....

The New HOH Is:

Shocker. lol Anyway, unless Azah wins veto on Saturday, she's a goner. Nominations don't mean anything this week, so I won't be doing a noms update today. I'll be back tomorrow post-veto comp with the winner and then confirmation of (probably Azah) going to jury on Monday post veto ceremony.


  1. Omg!! Azah really blew it. She deserves to go home. She just co-signed Xavier's $750k check.

  2. If Ky doesn't win veto(probably will cause it always seems to happen that way) it would be better for D to cut Ky. He has a better chance with X & Azah for one of them to pick him for final 2.however they never seem to take the shot when they can.


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