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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Life and Stuff: What I've Been Up To

Hey guys & gals! With tomorrow being my last day blogging for this season (I won't be here on finale night, as it's my wedding anniversary), I figured I probably should do my 'What I've Been Up To' post that I do once a year. (Shoutout to the 4 people that care! lol)

It's funny when I look back since last season because I've been nothing but busy, but there's nothing major that happened. My hubby and I are celebrating our 4 yr wedding anniversary next week, which is so amazing to me because where did the time go!? I swear, we got married and we are 4 yrs later, just blissfully chugging along. :) 

Our two fur kids, Benny (aka Baby Boop) and Brianna are fabulous! They're as spoiled as ever with the new house we moved into last year. We got in this house juuuuuusst in time, right before the housing prices skyrocketed to all time highs, but was still able to sell our old house in the city for top-dollar (for some reason, that seems to be the hot spot these days). 

Brianna's personality is...well, she's my wildchild! haha She smiles a lot, loves to get dirty (the muddier the better!), likes swimming, and car rides are her absolute favorite. She learned a couple years ago how to roll the window down herself, so she'll slam her paw repeatedly until the window starts to go down. She's too smart! Benny (or as I call him, Baby Boop) is more like a therapy dog than anything. He's a cuddler, he will comfort anyone who is having a bad day (like when my grandmother passed away last year, he wouldn't leave my side or stop licking my tears away) and will wrap his paws around your neck to get you to lean in for a big ole smooch. lol My lil charmer.

(Benny and Brianna at doggy daycare.)

Let's see, what else...

We moved in to the new house a year ago and we've been doing everything we can to turn this into our own place. Upgrading all the lighting fixtures (boy does that add up quickly!), staining the new deck the previous owners installed, and this past Winter we finished the office. I wanted a 70's vibe office, so this was the outcome...

I love it!! We redid everything, from top to bottom. Even found the vintage clock for $5 at a rummage sale to complete the look. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! It was 3 months of hard work and so worth it. 

Career wise, I had a major shift. In a wonderful way! During covid last year, both my husband and I faced a reality that I think a lot of us did; we couldn't afford to have all of our eggs in one financial basket. He had gotten laid off temporarily like a lot of people did around that time, but his amazing boss paid him and his coworkers out of his own pocket to keep them afloat. As if that wasn't amazing enough, my own clients did the same thing! To say that we were lucky and fortunate to have the most kind and thoughtful people surrounding us at that time, would be an understatement. From that, we started side jobs. He did mechanic work as a side hustle, as I started to sell stuff (online and locally as well). My newfound passion for vintage (from doing the office) was taken to whole new level and well, that's my main job now; selling vintage stuff! I found a passion and learned how to make money off of it. What more could I ask for?!

For me, it's amazing to see pieces from different eras and learn about them. Some of it is so beautiful, it's like functional art. I also now get the whole "They sure don't make things like they used to!" thing, because that is so true! The quality of stuff from decades ago, just blows my mind. I love my job so much that sometimes I'll keep something around in my office just for a few months and then I'll sell it. Because of this, I started calling our home a "foster home for vintage". It comes in, stays a little while, then it finds their forever home. 

In other news, I'm turning 41 in a couple of months. I started blogging Big Brother when I was 28 years old. Pretty crazy, right?! Where did the time go?! I often wonder when will be my last season blogging Big Brother. As of the past few years or so, it's evolved into something I barely recognize. I keep saying 'this is my last year' and every year, I do it and then regret doing it about a month or so into it. It's become somewhat of a toxic relationship as I keep hoping it'll change and knowing it probably never will. I almost feel like a quarterback that doesn't want to retire because 'what if this year we get to the Superbowl'. lol I'd love to blog until I'm old and my arthritis kicks in, but if the show doesn't get better, I'll sadly have to walk away soon. (I almost walked away this year mid-season but wanted to see it through for all the people that donated to the blog.)

And that's it! It always feels weird doing theses posts...feels somewhat narcissistic. lol I'm a private person in general, but I love connecting with y'all. I think because of Bella...who I still think about every single day and still cry over pretty much once a week still...y'all got to know me and our furever friendship. I can't type too much about her because I get too sad comes the tears. 

ANYWAYYYYYY...... *clears throat*

Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog this season, whether it was through a donation or signing up for the feeds through the blog. I apprecaite y'all and I wouldn't be here without you guys & gals!! Much love, enjoy the last week of this season, and I'll see y'all next season!!


(and Bella from doggy heaven)


  1. If you have an online store, would you share the address?
    I don't comment often - twice this week is a record! But I've followed you since you started and appreciate everything you do. I gave up the live feeds this season - for the obvious reasons - so reading your blog, twitter, and Facebook page is what has kept me up to date

    1. Hey Carla! Since I mostly sell locally, I don't have stores set up online (maybe I should? I'll look into it!!) but here's my Mecari link

      Check out what I'm selling on Mercari!

      Thanks for asking & for the love all these years! :)

  2. Agree with you about big brother this year—last year I said I was done and this year I just read your blog. Thanks for what you do! I will look into your vintage store!

  3. thanks guys!! :D Really appreciate the love! i have sooo much vintage stuff not listed yet, but look for it to be listed in about 2 weeks when my schedule calms down. Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you for everything!! Best on your journey and all things in your life. My long haired 6 year old Franklin is the spitting image of your guy on the right. I have raised Dachshunds for many years and all as rescues. I am switching gears to Survivor as it always...well almost...never ceases to be very excellent television. Again thanks so much!

  5. Jamie, I’m glad you and your husband came through the last year OK. I appreciate your blog and I look forward to it every year. I will check out your link too. Thanks

  6. Wow - it has been that log you have been blogging? that's crazy! I always love reading it and we all miss wonderful Bella - so damn hard to lose our furry children. Your new babies are so beautiful and I'm sure spoiled rotten.

    Love the office and Happy Anniversary!

    1. Right?? Crazy!! And thanks for all the love, not just now, but every season! I appreciate you Raz!

  7. Thanks for all you do! I’ve been following your blog for yrs. b/c you think the same way I do about the game! This season wasn’t great & I’m struggling to watch the whole season. 🙄 I find myself coming here instead for an update! 🙌🏻

    1. Thanks for being with me all these years!! :D

  8. So much love Jamie! I’m one of the 4 that care and so glad you’re here every year.

    1. awww thank you Carrie!! Much love right back to you!!


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