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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday: Live Eviction Episode

Goooood evening, BB addicts!!! :D Well, this is it! least as far as blogging this season goes, anyway. Sorry I won't be with y'all on Finale Night (I'm breaking a tradition here) but I'm here tonight with all you lovely people and that's all that matters!

Okay, so as far as tonight goes, we can still expect Ky to get evicted. Last I heard this morning, it was still going to be a blindside to him (Xavier has been lying to him..ouch.) Tonight's show starts at 8pm ET like usual, so grab your snackies & beverage(s) of choice and enjoy as we watch the show together!! :D

(Also, a huge shoutout to those that donated the past couple days, I'm so grateful! I'll be updating the donators list post show and the BB banner at the top as well.)

8:00pm ET:
Show begins...

8:30pm ET:
Jury footage of Tiffany and Hannah entering the jury house. Tiff told the jurors about The Cookout alliance, how they were all pawns, etc. They were all super supportive, very impressed and agree with most BB fans that Tiffany would've won this season had she stayed in the game. (I'm really hoping to see her come back for another season.)

Jurors were shocked that Azah got Hannah out and said it wasn't a smart move.

8:39pm ET:
Xavier did NOT use the veto (as planned). Azah/Ky remain on the block. Big D will be the sole vote to evict.

The Vote:
Derek F. votes to evict...KYLAND

Evicted from the BB House is:

Ky is shocked, asking what happened, there's tension between X and Ky. Wow.

Ky asked Derek what happened. Derek told him he can't win against him, he has a better chance against Azah.

8:57pm ET:
Julie mentioned next weeks Season Finale and that they're DOUBLING the prize money (to $50,000) for America's Favorite Player. 

The Final 3 are having champagne. Congrats to them! 

My guess would be that they will play Part 1 (of 3) Final HOH's tomorrow. While this is my last blog post of the season, I will still update on Twitter and on the Facebook group. 

Thank you for yet another season, I'll be back next season (I think? lol)! Have a great night everyone!! Until next year...bye bye!!! :D


  1. OMG we almost had a showdown. kyland is PISSED. Lort. 😃😇🤣

  2. I think it's funny that the only time Big D could make a coherent sentence while voting was tonight. ��

    1. I agree! But I was so proud of him! He has struggled every week, as many people do! He was spot on tonight! Love him.

  3. I’m so glad Kyland is gone. He really thinks he is entitled to the win.

  4. Really poor jury management all around. Whoever wins is going to wine because they are liked maybe a tiny bit more. It's sad to see the game played this way. I couldn't watch it. Thanks for blogging this season!

  5. Never in my BB life of 23 seasons have i ever seen a weaker exit. Who knew the guy was such a sore loser. Im surprised he didnt start crying to Julie. So glad he got a taste of his own medicine. Just cause you win competitions doesnt make you a "gentlemen" and thats why the kind soul knew thay deal was null and void. Bye kye! At least you only have to deal with revengeful SB for a week.

  6. So messed up he spoke about Xaviers nephew. No need for that. Classless Ky.


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